Gilroy Assistance League awarded $22,000 to 13 local youth organizations in 2019.

Proceeds from the annual "Impressions" Home and Garden Tour provide funds for these grants and our community giving fund.



 AREAS OF FUNDING:  Youth organizations or schools serving youth residing in the local Gilroy community.


TIMELINE: Grant cycle opens in early January and closes late February

APPLICATIONS: Downloaded from the website and mailed to the GALs address supplied on the form.


REQUIRED REPORT: A Final Report will be required of grant recipients by December 31. Included in this report:

  • ·      A summary of how the money was spent;
  • ·      Photos
  • ·      Receipts of funds spent on the project. If the money is not spent as described in the grant application, it must be returned to GALs.          

Failure to submit a complete Final Report by December 31 shall disqualify the organization for consideration from another grant in the following year, or any year until the Final Report is submitted. The Final Report is available online.

 SITE VISIT: A member of GALs may be contacting your agency to make arrangements to visit your site after the Final Report is submitted or when work is completed on the funded project.

Any youth-related orgnizations or schools are eligible to apply for a grant. Money is awarded during a luncheon  in April of each year.


GALs is dedicated to supporting the youth of the Gilroy community.